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Morrison Sund represents both employers and individuals in a broad range of employment law matters.

Employers: Morrison Sund helps employers keep pace with the changing workplace to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. We help employers develop workplace strategies to manage employment-related risk and implement effective policies and procedures to protect valuable assets and trade secrets. When problems occur, we defend or institute lawsuits and administrative actions, using mediation and arbitration as appropriate to quickly resolve disputes.

Morrison Sund regularly advises employers on employment decisions and processes, and drafting personnel policies and agreements such as:

  • Hiring
  • Job Applications
  • Employment Contracts
  • Confidentiality, Non-Compete And Trade Secrets Agreements
  • Commission Agreements
  • Incentive and Equity Compensation Plans
  • Independent Contractor/Consulting Agreements
  • Employee Handbooks and Personnel Policies
  • Sexual Harassment Policies
  • Discipline and Termination Issues
  • Layoffs and Reductions-In-Force (Rifs)
  • Employment Separation and Severance Agreements
  • Record-Keeping and Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk Management and Avoiding Employment Claims

Morrison Sund counsels its clients on legal compliance issues such as:

  • Local, State and Federal Wage and Hour Laws
  • Pre-Employment Screening, Drug Testing, and Background Checks
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment
  • Reasonable Accommodation
  • Employee Leaves of Absence
  • Classification of Independent Contractors
  • Sales Representative Regulations
  • Plant Closings

Morrison Sund represent employers and individuals in disputes that arise out of the employer-employee relationship before various state and federal courts and administrative agencies, including: the American Arbitration Association (AAA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Minnesota Department of Human Rights (MDHR), Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development (MDEED), and Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights (MDCR).

Executives: Morrison Sund routinely represents CEOs, executive officers, directors, account executives, sales managers, and a variety of professionals (such as accountants, engineers, architects, bankers, attorneys, and doctors) in their employment matters. We handle a wide range of real world corporate and business law issues for a local and national clientele. We understand executive compensation strategies, incentive arrangements, employment agreements and benefit plans and advise clients in the negotiation of agreements when joining or leaving a company. We also understand how to protect executives from any potential personal liability and routinely defend officers and directors and other fiduciaries when disputes arise.

Employee Shareholders in Closely Held Companies: Morrison Sund works with many closely held companies and understands the legal issues and challenges that can arise when an employee is also a shareholder. We work with our clients to carefully draft employment agreements, founders agreements, subscription agreements, operating agreements, and/or shareholder agreements to ensure the employee’s and the company’s rights and obligations during the term of employment and what happens upon the termination of employment, regardless of the reason for termination, are clearly spelled out.